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Sidney Wohlman

Professional Tutor
from 4th-12th Grade

Professional tutor “Education Sidney” Wohlman has been teaching students since 1980. He first worked as a part-time religious school teacher at Temple Emanuel. “Education Sidney” began substitute teaching in the public schools in 2003 and received Texas State Certification as a teacher in 2005. After working in both public and private school settings for six years, he left classroom teaching to pursue a career as an independent tutor of qualified but struggling students. Since 2010 “Education Sidney” has turned 12 such students into successful independent learners and is currently working with two additional students who are on the road to academic success using what he calls “The Education Sidney Method”.

Mr. Wohlman is the father of a special needs daughter and also does child advocacy work for parents taking their children through the special education system. He is affiliated with National ARD/IEP Advocates and can be reached as an advocate on their website: WWW.NARDA.ORG

Phone:(+1) 713.898.2255


Education and Work Experience

  • BA Communications University St. Thomas (With Distinction) 2003
  • Texas State Teacher Certification 2004
  • Certified Gifted and Talented Teacher (30 hours)
  • Fourth grade religious school teacher at Temple Emanuel 23 years.
  • Students learned and remembered lessons and wanted to come to my class
  • Classroom teacher 3rd and 4th grade for 6 years 2004-2010.
  • Substitute teacher 2003-2004.

I am able to tutor in all subjects from 4th – 12th grade with the exception of mathematics past Algebra 1 and Geometry. I use whatever subject my student needs supported to teach them how to learn on their own. By leading my pupil through prompting and questioning I help her experience the various questions in her assignments. I do this by prompting and questioning the student and helping her experience the answer to the questions asked. Experience is, they say, the best teacher. I find that this experiential learning makes independent thinkers who can think critically, read closely, and learn on their own.

This Education Sidney method of teaching works best when I see the student at least twice per week for one hour each session. These sessions should occur each week of the school year and 6-8 weeks of the summer. My hourly rate is $80 per hour. There is a $4/hour discount for purchasing 30 hours in advance.

I have a unique ability to lead my pupils through questions and prompts into experiencing success in their assignments. With explicit instruction and experiential learning, close reading and critical thinking begin to come naturally and success follows. I am also able to show how school work relates to the real lives of my students by developing a close working relationship with them and appealing to their interests.


Q. Where do you work with our child?

A. I work at your residence with a responsible adult present.

Q. How much does your tutoring cost?

A. $80/hour with a 5% discount for a semester prepay of 30 sessions.

Q. Will you charge for missed sessions?

A. As long as I am informed of a schedule change 24 hours in advance, there is no charge. Except in case of emergency, schedule changes without advance notice are charged at my full rate.

Q. Will you do my child’s homework for them?

A. No

Q. How do we start the process of hiring you?

A. Typically I meet with the parents and pupil in their home. It gives me a chance to meet and relate to your child and your child a chance to become comfortable working with me. There is no charge for this meeting.


Mike + Lisa B.

Sidney, the progress you have made with our son is truly amazing. You've taught him how to study , retain the knowledge and pass his exams with high grades. I would never have imagined he would go from barely passing grades to pre ap chemistry and have a 90 average in 1year. He really enjoys your tutor sessions after he's spent the day in school, which in itself says alot about your teaching methods. We are forever grateful and highly recommend you to anyone that wants to reach peak learning potential

Jack Barry

Sidney is a dedicated and conscientious tutor and child advocate. His stated objective is to work himself out of a job. Simply put, his goal is to develop each student to the point where they no longer need a tutor. I was so impressed with Sidney’s work ethic, integrity  and the amount of preparation he undertook for each student, that I recommended him to my daughter for my grandson. The most important contribution Sidney has made to my grandson’s education is helping him learn how to study.  True to Sidney’s stated objective he is working himself out of a job.

Sophia A.

"Mr. Wohlman was recommended to me by a mutual friend. Her daughter was working on getting into a competitive school in the Houston area. My son has ADHD and other learning differences which needs a tutor with an understanding of how to encourage work while being attentive to the challenges learning differences can present. At no time are the learning differences hurdles to defeat, but additional traits with which to learn to work with. Mr. Wohlman has also been able to encourage my son's independence and self reliance with regards to schoolwork.

I have greatly appreciated Mr. Wohlman's ability to assist the whole child, not just the academic. His interests are varied and can engage my son's attention, all the while, utilizing his own experiences to teach and coach on study and life skills."


Vicki T.

"I do want to make it known that Ariella has had an excellent experience in his third-grade English and Social Studies classes. Mr. Wohlman is enthusiastic, professional, and committed to giving the students skills that they'll have moving forward.

One thing he excels at, which other teachers can adopt as well, is communication with the parents. He frequently and consistently communicated with parents by email, letting us know when the class performed well or when the students had a particularly interesting day."

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Phone:(+1) 713.898.2255

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